Starting October 10th, 2018 we have 60 days to let the government know that this country’s values do not align with this new rule. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Submit your public comment against this rule.
  2. Share the portal link with your friends & family.
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What if you had to choose between accessing healthcare services or keeping your family together in the US? What if you had to choose between choosing to buy groceries for your US-born children or staying in the US?

This is a new reality that millions of families may face.

A new proposed regulation where lawfully-present immigrants must choose between basic services, like health care and food stamps, or keeping their family together in the US.

What this means is that the federal government will decide who can become a green card holder based on public benefits utilized along with other factors, like health, family size, education, and English proficiency.

This proposed rule is not about making immigrants self-sufficient. It is to prevent many immigrants, who have built this country, from becoming legal permanent residents. It is part of a series of attacks on all immigrant communities and their children here.