Community Programs

AHS understands that social and economic conditions profoundly impact the health of our patients and community.  Our community-based programs contribute to the health of our youth, families, and community.


Community Liaison Unit (CLU)

CLU raises awareness about the right to healthcare, healthcare services, and disease prevention in Oakland. The team works specifically with vulnerable communities, especially low-income Asian American immigrants and refugees.  The team empowers patients and spearhead opportunities that give the community a voice in their own health.  CLU’s activities include:

  • Community outreach, education, and organizing
  • Coordinating Patient Leadership Councils
  • Enrolling community members into health coverage at the certified enrollment center
  • Translation and back-up interpretation services
  • Voter outreach and engagement
  • Civic engagement



Patient Leadership Council (PLC)

The healthcare system can be challenging to navigate, especially for limited English speakers or new immigrants to the United States. The PLCs train patients to be “promoters” or volunteer health advocates in their communities, who can share information about key health or advocacy issues.

There are currently seven councils, each representing a population of patients at AHS: Cantonese, Korean, Khmer, Mandarin, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Young Adults. Additional facts about the PLCs:

  • There are more than 100 council members
  • PLCs meet monthly and are supported by community health workers that possess culturally and linguistically relevant skills
  • PLCs volunteer on a number of activities including patient satisfaction surveys, voter registration outreach, health fair tabling and health education materials review


AHS Youth Programs at The Spot Youth Center

AHS Youth Program focuses on preventing violence, improving health, and creating young leaders. Located at The Spot Youth Center with the motto, “Ready for the Future,” its services include health education, cultural awareness, job training and college readiness.  Learn more about AHS Youth Programs.

Banteay Srei

Banteay Srei was formed in response to a rising trend in sex trafficking and exploitation among Southeast Asian women in Oakland. The words “Banteay Srei” come from an ancient temple in Cambodia and means “The Women’s Temple.”

The organization provides a safe, non-judgmental place for young Southeast Asian women who are at-risk of, or engaged in, sexual exploitation. Banteay Srei provides sex positive education, community building and leadership development that fosters cultural pride and self-determination. Learn more about Banteay Srei.



Revive Chinatown! is a community effort to make Oakland Chinatown safer, more pedestrian-friendly, attractive, and economically viable. Presently, we have launched the Chinatown Improvement Initiative to enhance the economic vitality, preserve vibrancy, and improve the environment of our Chinatown neighborhood.

The program is spearheaded by the City of Oakland, Asian Health Services and the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce. It includes various pedestrian safety and streetscape changes that will improve the quality of life for residents of Chinatown.  Past improvements have included:


  • Four-way crosswalks with scramble system
  • Expanded sidewalk corners
  • Pedestrian lighting
  • Pedestrian countdown signals
  • Bilingual signage and banners
  • Bicycle racks and trash receptacles

To learn more about the Chinatown Improvement Initiative or to get involved, please email


The California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative works to improve the health, safety, and rights of the nail and beauty care workforce to achieve a healthier, more sustainable and just community. We are a statewide coalition of 25 organizations that engages in cross-movement building to ensure that beauty is synonymous with healthy, safe and dignified working conditions, products, and services.


The Collaborative is committed to:

  • Addressing the overlooked reproductive justice needs of salon workers who have substantially greater occupational exposures to reproductively harmful toxins than the general population
  • Assuring that all salon workers have the right to a healthy workplace, and the right to bear and raise healthy children within a healthy environment
  • Empowering workers to be a voice in the reproductive justice movement and key catalysts for systems transformation

CLICK HERE for more information about California Healthy Nail Salon Collaborative.

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