Steve Yee, Carl Chan, Gavin Funabiki, Tochau Nguyen (former board), Connie Chang, Vance Yoshida, Anh Tran (former board), Donn Ginoza (AHS Foundation Board), Rosaline Kiang (AHS Foundation Board), Victor Uno

Ron Some

Vice Chair

Wendy Cai

Vice Chair for Patients & Consumers


The management team, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the health center, leads a staff of more than 500 employees working together to improve patients’ lives.

Julia Liou, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

Thu Quach, PhD


Sherry Hirota

Chief Strategy Officer/Founding Executive

Dong Suh, MPP

Chief Deputy of Administration, Analytics

James Chen

Chief Financial Officer

George Lee, MD

Chief Innovation Officer

Huong Le, DDS, MA

Chief Dental Officer

Lina Park

Chief Development & Communications Officer

Joann Wong

Chief Administrative Officer

Mark O’Leary

Director, Health Care Analytics

Daveena Ma, MD

Associate Chief Medical Officer

Mychi Nguyen, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Anita Chang, MD

Site Director, Rolland and Kathryn Lowe Medical Center

Esther Li-Bland, MD

Site Director, Hu Medical Center

Jessica Leung, MD

Site Director, Frank Kiang Medical Center

Kao Saechao, LCSW

Division Director, Specialty Mental Health Division