Since its founding, Asian Health Services has been a leader in providing innovative healthcare services to patients. Our commitment to providing care based on national standards of best practices continues with initiatives including:


Team-based Care

AHS embraces the team-based approach to healthcare where the provider, nurse, medical assistant and case manager work collaboratively during the course of a visit. Before seeing a patient, the team meets to review the patient’s charts and to plan the visit. Staff time during a visit is then used in a way that maximizes the extent of each individual’s training. The team approach provides the patient with a more comprehensive healthcare experience.

Health Coaches

Patients with chronic conditions (including diabetes and high blood pressure) benefit from access to a health coach. Our coaches will meet you in person during your medical check-ups, help you create a health plan, and check-in on you by phone in-between visits. Through planning and encouragement, these coaches help you achieve your health goals.

Patient Navigators

Throughout our health center, you’ll find patient navigators ready to assist you with your visit. From helping you enroll into insurance programs, answering questions about your appointment, translating materials, or guiding you through the health center, our navigators are dedicated to making healthcare more accessible. Our navigators speak Cantonese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Khmer, Korean, Tagalog, Mien, Lao, Mongolian, Karen, Karenni, and Burmese.

Group Visits

The group visit is a chance for patients to learn about their medical condition and topics like nutrition and exercise. These visits allow patients to learn from each other under the guidance of our medical professionals, make friends, and through these friendships provide community support for each other.

Integrated Behavioral Health

Mental health is a key component of a person’s wellbeing. Unfortunately, treatment for mental health has often been stigmatized in the Asian American community and has been viewed as ‘separate’ from one’s ‘actual’ health. This means that conditions like depression, post-traumatic stress and anxiety often go untreated.

Instead of viewing mental health as separate, AHS medical providers focus on a patients’ whole wellbeing. Our doctors conduct a behavioral health screening as part of a routine medical visit. If a patient could benefit from behavioral health services, our providers can then refer them to a specialist that works right on the AHS campus. Our behavioral health specialists, who speak multiple Asian languages, can then directly coordinate treatment with a provider to ensure that a patient has the care that supports their whole wellbeing.