Community Resource: Housing


Listing of Available Affordable Housing Units in the Whole Bay Area

Bay Area Community Services Housing Resource Center:
Phone: (510) 613-0330

Centro de Legal: (510) 437-1554

Rent Adjustment Program:

County Homeless Services: If you are homeless, have COVID symptoms, and lack access to care, please call Alameda Health System at (510) 437-8500 for telephone screening and more information.

Oakland and Emeryville

  • Any families or individuals who are still sheltered but face a crisis such as a 3 day pay or quit notice, an eviction notice, call BACS Keep Oakland Housed Program at 510-613-0330 x2Unsheltered families (with a child under 18): o If seeking help for the first time call the Family Front Door at 510-808-7410 ext. 282 o If your family has been assessed, and you are already receiving services and need to update your information, text your full name and your updated/new information to Family Front Door at 510-435-2296.
  • Unsheltered adults (individuals or families that do not include a child under 18) who are seeking help for the first time: call BACS Coordinated Entry line at 510-613-0330 x2 call or text EOCP Coordinated Entry line at 510-436-4601.

North County (Berkeley, Albany): Unsheltered adults: call 510-495-0131.

Mid County West (San Leandro and Alameda): All unsheltered adults and families – call Building Futures at 510-357-0205.

Oakland LGBT Center:

Emergency Rent & Housing Assistance


Oakland City: Eviction Moratorium Ordinance
FAQ for Residents & Tenants

Small Businesses and Nonprofits: The commercial eviction moratorium applies to businesses with 100 employees or less and nonprofits.


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