AHS on the new Health Care Reform Bill

41262928 - closeup shot of a woman using a cuticle pusher to give a nail manicure. nail technician giving customer a manicure at nail salon. young caucasian woman receiving a french manicure.

Sick for Beauty: Protect the Health of Nail Salon Workers!

by Robert Greenwald, Huffington Post

Imagine going to work every day and exposing yourself regularly to toxic chemicals that were eroding your health. Next time you get a mani/pedi, you should ask the same question. Nail salon workers throughout the country work under unnecessarily toxic and dangerous conditions.

current federal regulations, cosmetics manufacturers can use unlimited amounts of virtually any ingredient in salon and professional use products, including chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive and developmental harm, hormone disruption and other adverse health impacts. Workers can and should be better protected from exposure to toxic chemicals in their workplaces. Will you join us in taking action to protect these workers?

Everyone has the right to a safe and healthy working environment. The women and men who work in these salons deserve better. A high percentage of nail salon workers are Vietnamese immigrants who find economic stability through the profession. As the video above shows, these workers take pride in what they do. They shouldn’t also have to take health risks.

Congress has the ability to better regulate cosmetic manufacturers. No one should go to work in an environment that could cause cancer, reproductive harm and other health risks. Tell your Congress members that we can do better as a country.

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