Stop the Hate Year 1 Impact Report

As we step into Year 2 of the Stop the Hate program, it is with great enthusiasm that we present the first-ever Stop the Hate Bay/South Bay/Central Coast region impact report. The year 1 report: “BEYOND ONE: THE POWER OF COMMUNITY-BASED SOLUTIONS TO CREATE HEALING AND SAFETY is comprehensive account of the incredible work accomplished by AHS and our 21 Program Service Providers (PSPs) over the initial year of the Stop the Hate program. This report serves as a testament to AHS’ commitment to addressing hate, filling service gaps, and making a positive impact in the community. 

Some key highlights from this report include: 

  • 4000+ Individuals Reached through mental health and complementary health services 
  • 267,000+ individuals were reached out to through outreach efforts 
  • 28,000+ individuals were reached through prevention efforts 

 However, this impact report goes beyond mere statistics; it provides a deeper understanding of how the Stop the Hate Program is positively impacting the community. It sheds light on the real-life stories and experiences that underscore the significance of our work. A crucial takeaway from the report is the success of these community-based models, and by demonstrating the effectiveness of funding these models, we encourage the longevity of funds into the services that these community-based organizations offer.   

 While we celebrate and recognize these achievements, we also recognize that there’s more work to be done in the following years of the Stop the Hate program. The Asian Health Services and the Bay Area/South Bay/Central Coast region received a total $27,107,800 in funding to continue providing prevention, direct, and intervention services for an additional service period beginning July 1, 2023, through June 30, 2026. This impact report will serve as a guide for 44 Program Services Providers to continue the journey ahead, emphasizing the importance of community-based models and demonstrating the effectiveness of our programs for sustained impact. 

We would like to thank our partners at reimagine collective for putting together this report, the California Asian & Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus for spearheading the API Equity Budget, California Department of Social Services for disbursing and funds as well as continued support of the program, and our Program Service Providers who put in an incredible amount of work in the past year to even make the Stop the Hate program as successful as it is. 

Download The Report Here

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