In Memoriam Kathryn Lowe

We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Kathryn Lowe, wife of Rolland Lowe, and mother of Randy, Larry, Yvonne, and grandmother of Brennan, Laura and Marnie. We honor and will always remember Ms. Lowe as a champion for her extensive community, and one who stood up and spoke out for social justice and just causes. An anchor to Dr. Rolland Lowe’s crusade for civil rights and organized philanthropy, Ms. Lowe’s inner fortitude anchored their dedication to strengthening the Asian community.  We are honored to continue her legacy at Asian Health Services in health and advocacy.

Sherry Hirota, CEO

In Memoriam Jeff Adachi

With a heavy heart, we mourn the loss of Jeff Adachi, one of our community’s most courageous and effective advocates for justice and representation. SF Public Defender, husband, father, passionate and brave voice for the most vulnerable, immigrants, and Asian and Pacific Islander Americans. A member of our broad AHS extended family, and one of our essential inspirations and heroes. Condolences and love to wife Muki and daughter Lauren, and family.

Sherry Hirota, CEO


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