Patient Story: Ms. Jiang

“AHS played the most important role in saving my life… After 5-6 visits with AHS, I feel like I have my life back again.”

Many of the patients that we serve come from backgrounds filled with hardships and obstacles outside of just their health. Our holistic approach to healthcare is inclusive of making sure our patients get the help they need on all fronts of life. Ms. Jiang, a patient, who immigrated here from China under arduous circumstances experienced this whole patient approach to care and wanted to share her experience.

Ms. Jiang had a hard but prosperous life in the U.S. Due to the harsh one-child-policy in China, Jiang had fled the county and was forced to leave her two young daughters with her mother-in-law. She eventually had two more children in the States, worked hard as a seamstress and as a hostess for local Chinese restaurants in the Bay Area, and was eventually able to save enough money to open a small restaurant in 2004. 2004 was also the year her husband was arrested and deported. It’s been over 15 years since she’s last seen her husband, and over 26 years since she’s seen her two kids in China.

15 years Ms. Jiang has been raising her kids on her own. Both of whom have grown to be outstanding contributing members to society. Both her American son and daughter applied and were accepted to every single top school in the nation, both Ivy League and public, on full-ride scholarships. When asked to speak on their accomplishments and accolades they say, “I’m not smart, I only work hard… like my mom.” Her daughter had recently started working her first high-paying job out of college on Wall Street as a trader, and she told Ms. Jiang, “Mom… we aren’t poor anymore. I can support us now.”

Around the time Ms. Zeng’s daughter started working, Ms. Zeng developed a constant headache, pain in her throat, and labored breathing that got to a point of where she would be gasping for air on a daily basis. “I had started experiencing symptoms of constant fatigue, headaches, and trouble breathing in 2018. My thyroid had grown to the size of a tennis ball. I was scared to visit the doctor because of my immigration status, and so I only took Tylenol to suppress the pain.” At the tipping point of her pain, she finally decided to see a provider at AHS who treated our patient, and promptly referred her to our Membership Services department.

Our department signed her up for all the assistance programs that would allow her to undergo surgery for her illness, and walked with her hand-in-hand through the process. “I have since made a full recovery and continue to receive care from AHS for regular checkups and with their behavioral health services for counseling. My kids have benifitted greatly from AHS’ services.”

“AHS feels like my family. Everyone from the providers to the front desk showed warmth and empathy. AHS saved my life and that is why I volunteered to share my story.”

– Mr. Jiang, AHS Patient

*Patient names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.
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