Patient Story: Mr. Huang

Men who despair Sitting on railroad tracks

It is not uncommon for AHS patients to experience a multitude of social issues that directly impact their health, including homelessness. We ensure that our patient care entails an all-encompassing approach tailored to the needs of our patients.

“I came in with two grocery bags full of dirty clothes, four packs of saltine crackers, the jacket on my back, and a couple of dollars to my name; my life’s possessions. I had no home, no family. On days that I was lucky, I’d have a friend’s couch to sleep on and a roof over my head, though most nights, I slept in the streets with little to no food and only my jacket and a frayed blanket for warmth. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had been evicted from my apartment and had nowhere to turn.

On top of that I needed health care. Badly. What started as a common cold, manifested into pneumonia; a product of having not been to a proper doctor in over two years. And so when pride was but a vanity that I could not afford, and when I felt worthless and sick, I decided to turn for help at Asian Health Services.

AHS helped me enroll onto Medi-Cal and Cal-Fresh, so I was able to heal from my pneumonia, and was able to schedule regular doctor’s visits. AHS provided help in my native language, and a sense of home. I am of the opinion that generosity, kindness, and the unrelenting tirelessness to serve others are all qualities in our world that aren’t expressed enough – qualities that Asian Health Services has shown me time and time again.”

– Mr. Huang, AHS Patient

*Patient names have been changed to maintain confidentiality.
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