Statement On Anti-Asian Racism
Why now? Why are we finally in the national spotlight after decades of neglect? Ask anyone in the Asian American community. We all know someone who has been spat upon, coughed on, and called racist names.  We know anti-Asian racism is real. We have felt the hate. Viral videos of slashed faces and black eyes, the thousands of hate incidents this past year –physically and verbally violent, and then the Atlanta tragedy.  Asians in America are being “othered”, blamed and ignored. For the virus, for the economy, for any unaddressed and complicated national ills or problems.

Our community has been sounding the alarm and organizing for years. Especially as we have experienced the dramatic rise in anti-Asian hate since the pandemic. The racist divisiveness has only been intensified by overtly anti-immigrant vitriol and claims that falsely tied Asians with the coronavirus, all exacerbated from on high over the past four years.

Anti-Asian hate and violence have been a part of the U.S. fabric for decades and decades. Throughout history, AAPIs have been unfairly scapegoated during times of tumult and economic strife. From the mass lynchings of Chinese Americans in the 1880s to the murder of Vincent Chin in the 1980s, to now. One Nation lifts up the strength and beauty of immigrants upon which this country is built. We countered the past administration’s divisive tactics that scapegoated immigrants and singled out AAPIs. From past White House operatives Sessions and Miller, to Steve Bannon who blamed immigrants and Asians for a poor economy and lost jobs.

The killings in Atlanta this week were horrifying. We express our sorrow and sympathy for the victims, their families and their communities. The startling event, and the thousands of other crimes and incidents against Asians — more than 4,000 reported just in the past year — leave Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders terrorized. Communities and local governments need to pay attention, after more than a year of our communities under siege. We will not be victims. We are speaking out, organizing, working together with our diverse communities and allies to stop the hate.

We mourn the tragedy in Atlanta. We stay united and strong in our conviction to organize and work together to change the broken systems and culture of racism, hate, and violence that have led us to this point. Let us seize the moment together. One Nation joins with our 100 strong partner organizations across the country, our supporters, and allies, to call out the anti-Asian racism for what it is, fight back together by organizing at the grassroots level, on the legal front, and at the ballot box, and to shift the narrative toward the light: One Nation Built on the Strength of Immigrants.

Sherry Hirota
Chief Executive Officer

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