Health Information Technology On-Call (#708)

Position Summary:
To work as a team member of the Support Services by maintaining and updating medical records, both electronic and paper records, and providing interpretation for patients and providers. This position is cross trained to back up other support services functions, as needed. Health Information Technicians are trained to perform all the duties in the health information area as outlined in this job description. The assignment of tasks and the percentage of time spent in each area will be determined by the Office Manager. This will vary by employee and can change over time as work demands in medical records change.

Essential Job Functions:
1. Pull charts for routine clinic visits by preparing daily log sheet, route slip, patient charts, and schedule.

2. Review and prepare the chart for each provider visit.

3. Assemble new patient charts and emboss patient ID cards.

4. Maintain and update the medical chart.

5. Distribute laboratory results to each provider for review, and to indicate normal or abnormal. Pull charts for patients with abnormal laboratory results for physician review in a timely manner.

6. Pull medical records for nurses, front desk staff, providers, and other staff, as requested.

7. File patient cards, laboratory reports, radiology reports, and other correspondence in the medical record in a timely manner.

8. Receive and respond to requests for release of medical records and prepare charts to be released in a timely manner.

9. File medical records in the appropriate order after the patient visits.

10. Purge inactive medical records twice a year.

11. Regularly maintain the inventory of medical record supplies, including medical record forms, by ordering more and/or duplicating as necessary.

12. Access and update patient information in the EHR (Electronic Health Records) computer system.

13. Retrieve medical records from outside facilities upon request, in paper or electronic form.

14. Ensure EMR are up-to-date by scanning incoming documents and filing them electronically in appropriate templates.

15. Maintain appropriate filing system for scanning and processing requests for release of records.

16. Maintain confidentiality of all patient medical, financial, and personal information.

17. Provide interpretation for patients and providers and other staff members. The percentage of time devoted to interpretation will vary by employee based upon language need.

18. Perform reception duties including appointment rescheduling, and patient telephone follow up, as needed.

19. Assist the telephone receptionist, with interpretation, to answer, screen, and route telephone calls.

20. Perform additional duties or special projects relating to interpretation and health information technology, as assigned by the Office Manager.

21. Medical Interpretation course and the MI exam within 12 months of employment.

Minimum Qualification:
Education: High School Diploma
Experience: One year of related work experience in general reception, typing, and filing
Preferred: Familiarity with data entry functions and experience working with electronic medical records, preferred.
Bilingual and bicultural in an Asian language.

Last updated 12/26/2019

Work Location: Chenming & Margaret Hu Medical Center (Asian Medical Center)
818 Webster Street

Hours: On-Call

Salary: $20.52/Hr

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