Eric Lau | Financial Planner

Eric Lau is a financial planner and one the managing principal to the Prudential Advisors firm in San Francisco. Eric launched his career in financial planning right after college where he noticed that most people were vested with the financial markets but lack financial knowledge. His success in financial services comes from his passion to help and to educate individuals about what financial wellness is. He now leads and mentors a team of financial planner and wealth managers to not only help them build their practice but to advocate for the need for financial literacy in our community.  Eric and his team also speak in front of some of the largest corporations advocating for financial wellness in the workspace.

Eric believes that life should be lived with a purpose to leave imprints of our impact to others and the community we serve. Being a contributor and a member of the AHS Business counsel helps fulfill this purpose to leave an impactful legacy.

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