Dr. Joan Jeung receives Massey Legacy Award

Congratulations to our physician, Dr. Joan Jeung, for receiving the Mildred Parish Massey Legacy Award, named in honor of Representative Barbara Lee.

Joan Jeung is a physician, advocate, neighbor, and friend in her East Oakland neighborhood where she and her husband reside and run a tutoring program for refugee youth. For the past 18 years, she and her family have chosen to remain rooted in a racially and economically diverse community, living among the neighbors whom she serves both inside and outside her clinic walls.

Dr. Jeung’s passion to serve the underserved has also extended into her role as a pediatrician at Asian Health Services.  She expanded healthcare access for Burmese refugees and Mongolian immigrants, and established vital parent education and support groups for immigrant and refugee families with children ages 0-2 years.  In addition, she is currently leading innovative clinical solutions to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of many refugees and immigrants who experience the stressors associated with poverty, migration, trauma, and linguistic isolation, but have fewer options for care.

Dr. Jeung serves in multiple national leadership and advisory positions with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). She is also a member of the executive committee for the AAP’s new provisional section for Minority Health, Equity and Inclusion.

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