Depression Affects Everyone

April 6, 2017


By Jorge Wong
Director, Specialty Mental Health Division
Asian Health Services

Everyone experiences a mental health conditions throughout life.

We have all been sad and depressed when certain life events happen, such as bad grades, breakups, job loss, illness, or death.

Other times we have been anxious, afraid, and overly excited over accomplishing a task, including public speaking, interviewing, getting married, moving, or walking into new situations.

We worry, we can’t sleep, we feel drained, and lack enjoyment of things we once enjoyed.  Sometimes we worry so much we may start to think others around us are responsible for making our lives difficult.  We may become suspicious of others, see visions, or hear voices.

Often events in our past, such as accidents, disasters, verbal/emotional/physical abuse, trauma, continue to affect our functioning today.

Some of these conditions can be mild, like a passing stage in life and resolve themselves over time.  Others can range from moderate to severe and chronic issues that may need professional help.

It is important to be able to determine when it is best to seek professional help and when to just let it go.  It is always a good idea to ask healthcare professionals who specialize in these areas if professional help is needed.  It is confidential and often uplifting.

Our professional, linguistic and culturally competent AHS Specialty Mental Health staff is here to help.   No matter what life challenges you may be experiencing, we can help you by answering questions, providing referrals, and even providing new ways to overcome these situations.

We welcome your questions.  We are here to help.  Call us.  It is confidential.

For Medi-Cal patients in Alameda County, call us at 510-735-3939

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