Break the Silence

AHS is proud to have come together with hundreds at the Asian Art Museum (SF), and thousands across the nation, in solidarity to fight proudly for our Asian and Pacific Islander sisters, mothers, daughters, and grandmothers. 

Break the Silence: Justice for Asian Women was hosted by Asians Are Strong and Asian Justice Movement to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of the Atlanta Spa shootings.

There were many workshops, resource tables and moving speakers! 

AHS’ Community Healing Unit and Special Initiatives Team were there to table and provide resources and support to the community. It was very heartwarming to see the safe space that was created at this event!

We will #breakthesilence and fight for the right of Asian women to be safe, heard and empowered in this country.

For more information about AHS’ Community Healing Unit see NBC Coverage of the Break the Silence Event
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