An Tran


University of California, Berkeley
Class of 2017

BA, Public Health and  South & Southeast Asian Studies


Worked with the Behavioral Health Department to better understand reasons why patients who screened “positive” on a screening tool were a) declining BH referrals during check out and b) agreeing to a BH referral and then not showing up to their BH appointment.  Evaluated results and used those results to develop strategies to better improve BH services.


 “My experience during the REACH Internship was beyond my expectations!  I had the opportunity to interact with health professionals in a clinical setting and learned about the various community resources offered to the AA&NHPI communities.  I was able to be a part of the AHS team and helped address patients’ health needs and the social determinants of health associated with the AA&NHPI communities in Oakland. This internship helped me better understand my community and health services.  The lessons I’ve garnered from this internship will definitely make me a better doctor and health advocate/researcher, in the future.”

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