$2 Million Mobile and Telehealth Campaign

During these unprecedented times, when the needs in our community rose, you responded. You made telehealth and mobile community care possible.

It is through your generosity we exceeded our goal and raised $2.5M. Your support provided vital equipment that ensured THOUSANDS of patients, who otherwise would not have had access to culturally-competent virtual care, could receive the quality health care and support they needed during these times.

Your generosity enabled our front-line providers to rapidly respond to the changing needs of our low-income, immigrant, and refugee communities. 


Telehealth Monitoring for High-Risk Patients

Expectant mothers as well as the elderly and higher-risk patients received smart health devices and safe telehealth monitoring devices to monitor their health, send results to their providers in real-time, and receive the care they needed without needing to leave their house.

Mobile Clinics and Cargo Support Vans

Our mobile clinics expanded services to Fremont, San Leandro, Clinton Park, Lincoln Park, Oakland High School, and new locations like San Lorenzo. These mobile vans acted as an extension of AHS’ regular clinics to ensure rapid response to the needs of our community.  

Critical Lifelines to Continuous Care

From vaccine refrigerator to laptops and other telehealth equipment,  we offered critical and quality care beyond the physical walls of our clinics!  Telehealth and mobile equipment ensured access to comprehensive healthcare, including primary, geriatric, dental, and pediatric care, for the most vulnerable.

thank you to our generous donors



  • Anonymous Donor
  • CC Hsueh
  • Chris Kwei / Oakland Kia
  • Daniel Chao
  • Danielle Stanislaus / Emergent Transportation Concepts
  • Chenming Hu, PhD and Margaret Hu
  • Kam Tam, PharmD
  • Sue S. Chan, MD
  • Mukesh Bajaj, PhD and Anita Bajaj
  • Harriet Ziskin Trust
  • Jackie Lum
  • John Wong
  • Karen Kam
  • Maymie and John Yee
  • Ray and Evelyn Tong
  • Roger Liang and Annie Kuo
  • Steven Tsang
  • Sylme M. Ho


$5,000 – $9,999

  • Angela Tsay
  • Cliff Liou
  • Corey Babarovich 
  • Edward and Ida Low
  • Florence and Andy Wong
  • Frank Brown
  • Howard and Joyce Shao
  • Kam Tan, MD and May Chen 
  • Michelle Woo
  • Sally Lewis
  • Joann Wong and Frederick Oey
  • Art and Edna Hom
  • Anonymous Donors 
  • Anonymous Donors 
  • Anonymous Donors 
  • Chow Family Charitable Fund 
  • Chek-Fong and In-Chian Tang
  • Norman and Antonia Tu


 $1,000 – $4,999

  • Alan Fung
  • Agnes Liou
  • Alfred and Rebecca Lin
  • Amy Tan
  • Andy Wang
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Anonymous Donors
  • Arthur Chen, MD and Peggy Saika
  • Bernadette Rodriguez
  • Billy Kwan
  • Brian and Ide Ho
  • Bruce and Grace Ginn
  • Candace Lew and Phillip Christensen
  • Carol Liu
  • Catherine Chen
  • Catherine Der
  • Cecilia Sze
  • Cecilia Yu
  • Christine Nishida and Terrence Lee
  • Christopher Tom
  • Coralie Chan
  • Corey Babarovich
  • Dina Quan
  • Donald B. Wong
  • Dong Suh and Susan Park
  • Lawrence Ng, MD and Bella Ng
  • Richard Lee, MD and Tatwina Lee
  • Bessie and Wai-Bong Lok, MD
  • Charlie Yang, MD and Elaine Yang
  • Daveena Ma, MD and Benjamin Schweng
  • Eileen Lo, MD
  • Frank Brown, MD
  • Garwood Gee and Kathleen Fong
  • Ninez Ponce, MMP, PhD
  • Edward and Ida G. Low
  • Edward Chan
  • Emily Fan
  • Florence and Andy Wong
  • Frances Hanks
  • Heller Family Foundation
  • Henry and Carolyn Kiang
  • Household of Yee Chu Fu Chow
  • Howard and Joyce Shao
  • Hoyt Zia
  • Ingrid Lamirault and Bob Frangenberg
  • James Hsue
  • James Zhang
  • Janis Kitsuwa-Lowe and Marcus Lowe
  • Jen Look
  • Joann Wong and Frederick Oey
  • Joseph K. Fang
  • Josephine Camacho and Victor Uno
  • Josie Nguyen
  • Julie Kawahara
  • Karen Dea
  • Katherine Kuo and Tony Liu
  • Leon Lee
  • Linda Okahara and Balaram Puligandla
  • Lionel and Lorraine Chan
  • Luisa Blue
  • Mark O’Leary
  • Marlene Millikan
  • Mary Geong
  • May Chao Heller
  • Melba Wu and Michael Bush
  • Michael McDonald, DMD and Lisa Ginn McDonald, MSW
  • Michelle Woo
  • Miriam Ng and Michael Korman
  • Vance Yoshida
  • Cindy and Gary Yang
  • Julia Liou and Sam Yang, MD
  • Nadyne Orona
  • Nellie Chin Fung
  • Parry and Joy Tong
  • Robert and Patricia Raburn
  • Robert Cerpa
  • Ron C. Some
  • Rosaline Kiang
  • Sally Lewis
  • Sandra Pan
  • Sara Liss-Katz
  • Sherry Hirota
  • Steven Chon
  • Susan and John Muranishi
  • Suzy Lim
  • Victor Jin and Dianne Richmond
  • Waiman Ngai
  • Wanching Yu
  • Wesley and Lilly Chee
  • Yim Hom
  • Yu Meng
  • Yui Hay and Suzie Lee