Tina Diep started working at AHS over 30 years ago.  She started her career in the medical clinics before coming to the Community Liaison Unit (CLU)/Community Services Department.  According to Linda Okahara, Tina was hired because of her outgoing nature, the number of Chinatown contacts she had, her willingness to “color outside the box” in terms of seeing how different issues affects the health of the Asian community, and the fact that she had a working knowledge of clinic operations. Vanessa Quach also chimed in and said, “Tina has great energy and is always thinking about how she can advocate for our community members.  Her energy level is still the same as when she was hired 30 years ago.  We have learned a lot from her!” Currently, Tina is working on COVID Case Investigation and Contact Tracer (CICT) Project and has been responding to community members’ urgent needs.  She saves people’s lives. Thank you for showing how we can help people, Tina, Sister No. 1!! – Koji Sakakibara