(Photo by Cali Godley)

“Sue, you should really get an x-ray of that wrist”

“Oh, it’s nothing, it barely hurts.  Plus, I need to keep seeing patients.”

A week and an x-ray showing a wrist fracture later, I see Sue with her cast on, plugging away, taking care of her patients.  That is the epitome of Sue – nothing can stop her!  She is laser focused on her mission of caring for those who need help.

I had the pleasure of “inheriting” some of Sue’s patients when I first started at AHS.  Those patients loved her almost as much as she loved them.  She would often give me insight into their personal lives and took great enjoyment in finding out how they were doing.

I, like many others, had the privilege of working with Sue:  learning how to mobilize a community, how to selflessly serve others, and seeing her model a humble, compassionate attitude towards her patients.  We all stand on her body of work!  Thanks Sue!  – George Lee, MD

Dr. Sue Chan is our first doctor at AHS. Lovingly referred to as “Mother Goose” she is a mentor and role model to generations of staff and health care leaders. An excellent primary care physician whose infant patients have grown up and are now parents and Dr. Chan continues to care for them. Dr. Chan embodies AHS mission to serve and advocate and inspires us to be informed and engaged citizens. She is a champion for the underserved and has devoted her career to making the world a kinder and more equitable place. She is a pioneer, innovator, community builder whose physician-leader voice has helped to provide critically needed services and language access to the community. Under her leadership, the medical staff have grown and new programs were developed reaching beyond the four walls of the clinic. Thank you, Dr. Sue Chan, for your years of love, service, and dedication to AHS and the community. We love you! – Mychi Nguyen, MD