Congratulations to Linda Okahara for 40 years of dedication and service to Asian Health Services! As the Grant and Special Projects Administrator, Linda has been instrumental in many grants and projects across the agency. From Linda’s work with our phone lines and new phone systems to planning, coordination, and logistics of large moves, expansion, and renovations, she has taken on these challenges with grace and warmth. She is incredibly humble, thoughtful, and a team player. Linda’s hard work, attention to detail, and follow up has helped further AHS’s efforts to provide innovative care for group visits, special projects, and grants that have benefitted our patients and community. Thank you, Linda! – Mychi Nguyen, MD

Linda is the person who taught me about health education when I was a young physician.  She schooled me in the concepts of health literacy and the idea of interpretation as not just based on words but steeped in culture.  She also taught me the ropes of managing grants.  She is always willing to give of her time, friendly and willing to jump in!  When we had our major moves related to HMC renovation and moving into the MTC building, she stepped up in a huge way!  Thank you, Linda!  – George Lee, MD